Innovation Coupons, outright grants

Innovation Coupons, outright grants

Innovation coupons are a direct financial discount, which can exchange with an ACCIÓ accredited provider*. They are aimed at companies with between 6 and 100 workers with social or operational headquarters in Catalonia, who have little experience in the procurement of innovation.

What the company gets?
Fast, agile and flexible access to innovation, by a direct discount on the bill accredited provider*.
It is innovation coupons for services such as design and conceptualize new products or improve the management and systematization of innovation.
It’s a non-repayable grants, up to 50% of the service cost, with a maximum of 3,000 €.

How does it work?

  1. Choose the type of coupon and the supplier with whom you want to work*.
  2. Submit application to ACCIÓ to be validated.
  3. Enjoy the service: With the coupon and you can start to develop the service. You have six months to implement it.
  4. Justify the work done: once completed the service, you must deliver the coupon provider and he must submit a completed and signed ACCIÓ, along with proof of payment made.

The program is open until 14 December 2015 or until the end of the budget.

* Abel de Benito is an ACCIÓ accredited provider.

More information: Program Innovation Coupons

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