DRIVE Identity

DRIVE Identity

DRIVE: Development of Robust and Innovative Vaccines Effectiveness is a pan-European consortium formed by health institutions, universities, small and medium-sized companies, the pharmaceutical industry and patient organizations for the evaluation of the effectiveness of influenza vaccines.


The influenza virus is a major public health problem (in a downward estimate, influenza annually infects 60 of the 500 million EU population).

Create a robust and consistent graphic identity.

Strengthen the dissemination and communication of the results and developments of the DRIVE project.


The DRIVE project focuses on studies of effective vaccines against influenza, for which it required a simple and direct response, easily applicable, focused on the contents.

We created a very recognizable brand in the health field, with a simplified figure of the influenza virus as a central element, accompanied by a resounding text, reinforced by the typography and arrangement of elements.

In the applications of identity we maintain that premise of simplicity and clarity. For the backgrounds of communication pieces we work with images of microscopic elements and with soft gradients to emphasize the minimalism of identity.

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