WI Corporate Identity

Water Idea Identity
water idea is a consulting firm that optimizes the use of water resources. They combine information regarding available resources with societal needs in order to extract relevant answers.


Projecting the dynamism, energy and the application of the latest technologies proposed WI on a slowly evolving market. Fleeing resources exploited in this sector, such as water droplets and the extensive use of blue color.


The graph concept used to develop applications based on the use of a collection of images of the natural environment, both living beings and nonliving things, which are closely associated with water. It is to convey the idea of water from a new point of view in a second reading. The logo conveys the idea of ​​fluidity, dynamism and adaptability. It has been built by superimposing the acronym of Water Idea (w + i), where the central drop represents the relevant conclusion, drawn from a waterspout data. To publicize the values ​​of Water Idea we carry out a set of functional and durable products.

Corporate Identity + Comunication

Project developed in 2creativo