Driven by passion

We create

We create visual marks that enable organizations to show their differential and values ​​to their target audience.


We love to partner closely
with our clients to create
exceptional results.


We create to promote growth.
It is not enough to look good, we prompt actions that generate results and cause changes.

abeldb is a design and communication studio of Barcelona.


We make workshops and conferences related to design and creativity.

Workshops & Conferences

Adhered to:

Official College of Catalunya’s Graphical Design


The Official College of Catalunya’s Graphic Design (Col·legi Oficial de Disseny Gràfic de Catalunya) is the only corporation of public law that oversees the advocacy of design and its professionals.

Abel Benito is the collegiate no. 224.

Professional Designers Association (ADP)


Professional Designers Association (ADP) (Associació de Dissenyadors Professionals) is a multidisciplinary association that promotes cultural designers and design professional value and aims to encourage daily use in the business sector with professionalism.

Abel de Benito is ADP’s professional member.

The Bureau of European Design Associations (BEDA)


The Bureau of European Design Associations (BEDA) is formed by design promotion agencies and associations that representing approximately 400,000 individual designers throughout Europe.

Abel de Benito is member of BEDA through ADP.

The Designers Accord

Designers Accord

Adopters of the Designers Accord commit to five guidelines that provide ways to integrate sustainability into design. Our focus is on creating positive impact in the creative community.

abeldb is an adopter of the Designers Accord.

We create multidisciplinary teams,
tailored to each project, to get as far as possible.

Our Values

The values ​​that govern our work.

People first

We do things to improve the world, to help people live better.

We take care of the details

We are perfectionists, we like things done right, up to the last detail.

We are proactive

We seek and create synergies, make alliances to advance, to do better.

We do easy

We seek the essence, make it look simple, easy, but not simple.

Do not stop learning

We are curious, we are awake, we are hungry for knowledge.

We are honest

We like to be clear and ethical, we do things to improve, not everything is business.

Make it better

We like to do things well, but well done, we can always improve.

We are realistic

We know it can be done, we adjust the budget and deadlines.