Abel de Benito

Art Director in advertising, Designer & Creative.

I’ve always enjoyed communicating with images, to convey the essence of things from a visual field.
Direct, clear, simple and creative results.

Actually in day to day, much of my work is classify, organize and prioritize elements, design will do later.

The work of Art Director is define communication strategies, messages and formats for best results, but for most of my customers include more functions. I become the head of Marketing and Communication of their companies. This allows us to go together beyond the actual task of creation, I see many more things: cost, schedule, budget, vendors, objectives, etc. which gives a much more complete results.

Throughout my career I have developed the ability to optimize resources and costs to get the best results by working the concept and objectives and then create the design and then supervise the production process.

My teaching passion is giving multiple courses, conferences and seminars, in the field of creativity, communication and design.

I am an active member of the design community, member of the ADP (Designers’ Professional Association) and also member of the College of Catalunya Professional Designers, besides being part of others entities.

Professional career

He had many years working in the world of design (self-taught) but while working as a sound technician at the Library of Catalunya (BC) bringing the audiovisual archive, I decided to perform a Master of Management Arts in Advertising in Blanquerna (Ramon Llull University), which gives me the focus to create my first business project, the design studio 2creativo.net.

In addition to co-directing the studio, I performance tasks as Creative Director and developed many skills in the creative and business environment; while I made countless workshops and skills courses (about business and design) to improve my capabilities.

2creativo received several awards, recognition and numerous media appearances. We began the journey of design export in Chinese market and develop many diferent projects.

After ten years of experience in 2creativo and more than twenty as professional, I now develop creativity in my own studio leading teams for develop communication projects.

Until recently, I have been the chairman of the ADP · Designers’ Professional Association (2015-2017).