Our work is based on strategic communication processes.


We start from an idea to convey,
giving it a twist.


Communication for companies with a clear objective: solutions focused on results!

abeldb is a design and communication studio of Barcelona.
We conduct projects advising and coordination of
identity, campaigns, packaging, editorial design, web and much more.

Our Services

These are some of our main services and skills:


All projects are based on a well detailed communication strategy.
We studied the sector, competition, precedents, projection, positioning and draw conclusions that will define communication.


Strategic projects of brand development, corporate identity and communication.
We combine knowledge and creativity to generate value. With an ambitious, differential vision, highly committed to the results.



Brand communication, to launch companies, products and services.
From the tone of the message, text, … to support and media, everything communicates and transmits values. Creative Communication.


Communication campaigns aimed at results.
Communicate clear and focused objectives to target, communicate ideas.


Design and layout of magazines, books, catalogs, price lists, reports, documentation, …
Designed to optimize and communicate, in order to get results.


Packages and Wraps designed to convey the essence of the brand, to improve the product it contains, to protect them, submit: to give it value.


Brand elements applied to the environment to communicate better. In places or events where make your brand more visible.

Web & UX

Design and programming of digital environments, interfaces, usability, accessibility and web design.
Responsible Design cross platform, for websites, mobile applications, multimedia presentations, corporate, interactive, etc.

What makes us special?

These are the details that make our work a unique result:



Strategic study

Previous study of strategic communication objectives. Guidelines define the project will take and mark targets.


We conducted communication and ideas custom-built, designed for your business, to express your values.

We are your ally

We get involved in the project, we are part of your team, you get involved in the process, we are your partner in communication.

With love and care

We take care of every detail, the goal is to achieve excellence and success.

Resource optimization

Optimization of resources and costs, we adjust creativity to your budget without unnecessary excesses.

On time

We meet the agreed deadlines, we are scrupulous about delivery dates.

No surprises

Always made previous budgets, custom-built as no surprises, which detail the tasks, processes, deadlines and objectives.

Good results

We work with quality suppliers, we care and follow closely during the project to get the best results.

We engage to transmit the best of your brand,
we are your partner in communication.

Ask us how we do it