Inmentor Identity

Inmentor Identity

Inmentor is a lawyers team of intellectual property that offering online services.


Create a modern and attractive identity that differs from traditional lawyers’ offices commensurate with its innovative business model. Emphasize that this is a specialized intellectual property team, which provides services using the advantages offered by new technologies.


Identity system based on four live and dynamic fluorescent colors, presented randomly in different elements.

Inmentor name represents the “mentor of intellectual property on the Internet.” With the slogan “You create, we protect” we define the value proposition to Inmentor creators. The logo reinforces the expertise of the team, joining the letters ‘i’ and ‘n’ (referring to industrial, intellectual, internet) into a solid and robust entity.

The promotional item include a flyer with a message made ​​by brilliant reservation and a pencil crayon. The message is discovered painting with color pencil, seeking to capture the attention of the target audience, the creators.

Corporate Identity + Comunication

Project developed in 2creativo