Captae Identity

Captae Identity

Captae is a company specialized in creating accurate digital models of reality through 3D laser scanner technology.


Create an identity that reinforces the concept of a service advice and support for accurate, reliable and agile real environments. Explaining an innovative service and its advantages in an educational way transmitting transparency and closeness of the team.


Identity system based on various typographical symbols that represent different realities swept by the scanner. Green in reference to respect for the environment.

The identity is articulated through a series of short explanatory sentences about the new service and its benefits. Some examples: “we capture your surroundings to find real solutions”, “we facilitate your progress with digital replicas of real environments”, etc.

The promotional element of a synthetic explained and clearly the company’s business. Through a simple die convey the main idea remarks: “We capture reality and moved to your computer”.

Corporate Identity + Comunication

Project developed in 2creativo


  Miquel Estupiñá, Technical Director in CAPTAE, said about abeldb: