HSP captae campaign

HSP captae campaign

Video presentation: HSP - High Speed Processing

Captae is a company specialized in creating accurate digital models of reality through 3D laser scanner technology.


Create a shocking piece to explain the new ultra-fast service and at the same time show the process in synthesized visual aspect.


In main face we create a very descriptive impact image that catches the attention of the receiver.

On the back, we explain the process through very simple graphics to be able to do a quick reading.

The purpose was to present the new ultrafast service in a specialized trade show. With an A5 format, we use a raised weight to give it more consistency, and that it also serves as their new presentation card.

We also made a couple of presentation roll-ups, which were supposed to work independently, for a specialized trade fair.

We also carry out the art direction of HSP service video presentation.


Promotional campaign


  Miquel Estupiñá, Technical Director in CAPTAE, said about abeldb: