OAE brochures

OAE brochures

OAE (Business Support Office) of Barcelona Activa, meets the needs of companies and SMEs in a personalized manner and advises on strategic areas for its management and development in the city of Barcelona.


Create an editorial and layout style for the collection of OAE promotional brochures for different services and programs.


We define the format of OAE publications by plating a clear and friendly brochure, with a generous text size, which we illustrate with images and icons related to each theme, seeking to convey proximity.

We create the brochures of:

  • OAE, general presentation of OAE services
    (in three languages ES, CA and EN)
  • Services and Programs for Industrial Companies
  • Services and Programs for Autonomous People
  • Services and Programs for Commerce (2017 edition & 2018 upgrade) [view project details]
  • Neighborhood Plan: Besòs-Bon Pastor axis
  • Neighborhood Plan: La Marina