Occupation Program

Occupation Program

Barcelona Activa Treball presents a program to boost occupancy and training for people at risk of inclusion: “Footbridges towards Occupation and Inclusion”.


Graphic piece should highlight the strengths of the program: Scholarship, Training, Certification, Practices and Tutoring.
It is preferable to use illustrations and avoid users representation (to avoid stigmas).


For graphic creation we value different options, we finally choose to convey that success is a short distance, a few steps, with a little effort; as simple as climbing the steps with your fingers.

We apply texture and shadows to the different elements to give it depth. The corporate color and its color variations predominate, with a colorful, vivid and optimistic graphic.

The main values that we want to highlight fit them into a circular seal to give it greater impact.

The promotional brochure contains two languages (ES and CA).