OAE logo

OAE logo

OAE (Business Support Office) of Barcelona Activa, meets the needs of companies and SMEs in a personalized manner and advises on strategic areas for its management and development in the city of Barcelona.


Create a graphic element as a distinctive mark to apply to different communication elements of OAE.


The OAE lacked a defined identity, so we started with a graphic already used as a logo (acronym OAE on a circle in corporate blue).

We proposed a new concept that accompanies the solution as claim : “The key to boost your company”.

The solution is developed by combining the base graphics of the OAE and a series of elements that symbolizes: city, company, Barcelona, action, progress, … all of them included in the silhouette of a key that reflects values such as: open, start, advance, enter, etc.

This new brand, now works as a distinctive element of OAE, with and without claim, and in three language versions (EN, ES and CA).