ESS Directory Icons

ESS Directory Icons

Companies of Social and Solidarity Economy (ESS) Directory of Barcelona Activa is born from the need to obtain a dynamic catalog of the existing offer of companies and social economy entities.


Create a set of icons that visually explain each of the 15 activities defined in the directory.

We must also create an infographic for each activity where we will accompany the icons of human figures that should show the diversity of sex, race, etc. and the data of the volume of entities that exist in each legal form:

  1. Special Work Centers,
  2. Cooperatives,
  3. Labor Societies,
  4. Insertion Companies,
  5. Foundations and
  6. Associations.


We generate a set of icons with a thick stroke to a single color, where we reflect characteristic elements of each of the 15 activities:

  1. Housing and Environment Management
  2. Supplies
  3. Textile
  4. Feeding
  5. Catering and Hospitality
  6. Culture and Leisure
  7. Education and Research
  8. Communication
  1. Technology and Electronics
  2. Health and Care
  3. Financing and Social Currency
  4. Advice
  5. Logistics
  6. Spaces and Networks
  7. Production and/or sale of other manufactured products

The goal is that the graphics are recognizable enough to not need explanatory text.

For infographics, we kept the icons in their shape and color, accompanied by three person figures with the same stroke thickness but in a light gray tone, and of various kinds with slight nuances or complements to show diversity and/or activity.

To show the data of each activity according to its legal form we use the icons stacked in bars to visually reflect the volume of each one. We also create a circle chart where we show the whole set, as a summary, to be able to compare by volume.