Promotions “Entrepreneur Day” Barcelona Activa

Promotional actions “Entrepreneur Day”

Promotional activities to highlight the presence of Barcelona Activa in Entrepreneur Day 2010, held at the Fair of Barcelona.


The first action was to take place on the wall of 45m. long, surface made ​​available to the participants to be known.
The second action was to select and customize a merchandising element of the entity to provide visitors to their booth.

In both cases, the challenge was to introduce Barcelona Activa as a support agency serving the entrepreneurial and cost optimization.


On the wall we create characters representing technicians Barcelona Activa, with over 12,000 thumbtacks.
These pins would be available for participants to post their ads. The transformation of the action during the days of the event was constant and showed the creativity of entrepreneurs.

For the merchandising, we select a frisbee folded into a small cloth bag, enhancing the effect surprise as it unfolded coup to remove. Inscribed on it included the message “Boost your idea”, inviting the recipient to propel your business project with energy.