Christmas storefront at Marídame

Christmas storefront at Marídame

Marídame is the meeting place of fine wines and food products, to experiment with their harmonies and make unforgettable dining experiences.


Perform an stunning Christmas decoration, it was striking to the showcases of the store.

The goal is to capture the attention and show the products Marídame offers.


In the main window we create a scene of double reading. At the top, surrounded by snowballs, a large volume sign congratulates the Christmas. In the lower part a dummy girl is bathing in the snow while enjoying a glass of cava.
For side windows, we had the feeling of snow, showing different semi buried in it.

Inside shop, we create a large tree with wooden boxes over two meters high, which are filled with different Christmas elements mixed with products.

Storefront and Signage


  Leonardo González, driving of MARÍDAME, said about abeldb: