Marídame Packaging

Marídame Packaging

Marídame is the meeting place of fine wines and selected food products, to experiment with their harmonies and make unforgettable dining experiences.


Create a simple and low cost solution to contain lots of products.

Should be customizable and available in two sizes, large and small.
In both formats should be able to hold bottles of wine or champagne.


We begin by creating a fully customized pack, but production costs were very high for small amounts needed.

Finally we opted for a prefabricated boxes customize with the same design for both sizes.
We seek to optimize costs with an acceptable result.

To close the boxes create a series of labels placed in the corners, as belts, to combine different messages: “Enjoy Me”, “Happy Christmas”, “With Love”, “Romantic dinner”, “Congratulations Dad”, etc.

Packaging for delicatessens


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