viuing device case

viuing device case

viuing is the first portable audiovisual device that allows viewers of large events to see in real time what is happening and do not see from their position.

The device is portable, lightweight, resistant to water, ready to operate in open and crowded spaces, with a 8h range battery. Receive the video, audio and data signal by satellite with exclusive information about the event.


Create the device’s case taking into account all the technical and budgetary limitations.
Cardboard wrap, plasticized (water resistant).
It should be able to close and open easily.
Use intended for open spaces, outdoors.
Need to incorporate a folding hood for the screen.
It must be able to be customized for each event or client.


We create a simple case, taking into account factors of usability and functionality.
A folding parasol allows to create the conditions to visualize the screen in very bright environments.
The lid fixed by a magnet turns off the device, and turns on automatically when it is opened.

We designed an improved version with rounded shapes that was never manufactured.

Case for portable screen

Technical development with the collaboration of VicençMarco.