Transbioline Identity

Transbioline Identity

TransBioLine: Translational Safety Biomarker Pipeline is a European consortium that aims to generate data that allows the regulatory qualification of new safety biomarkers on drug-induced injuries in five organs/systems (liver, kidney, pancreas, vascular and central nervous system).


Create a robust and consistent graphic identity.
Strengthen the dissemination and communication of project progress.

We must emphasize that it focuses on the patient and transmit the continuous cycle of their processes.


Transbioline project collects diverse data from European patients to detect biomarkers of lesions created by drugs, following the objectives of the challenge, we create a simplified human figure as a central element and a circular arrow.

Looking to convey a simple and direct response, easily applicable, we create a recognizable brand, accompanied by a resounding text, reinforced by the typography and arrangement of elements.

In the applications of identity we maintain that premise of simplicity and clarity. For the funds of the communication pieces we work with images of medical elements and with soft gradients of the main colors of the identity.

Corporate Identity + Communication