Mapping Design sector

Mapping Design sector

Mapping of the Design Sector in Catalunya 2015 has been formally presented, a study developed by the BCD (Barcelona Design Center) with the support of the Culture Department of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

The main figures obtained from the study determine that:

  • In Catalunya there are a total of 3,783 design services companies that invoice € 950m – 0.5% of Catalonia’s GDP – and occupy 16,775 people, 0.5% of the employed in the Catalan economy.
  • 92% of the design services offered in Catalonia are concentrated in the province of Barcelona.
  • Only 5% of companies bill more than one million euros, while 56% invoice less than 100,000 euros.
  • The average billing is 251,235 euros.
  • The average occupancy is 4.17 people.
  • 81% of companies have increased or maintained their turnover compared to the year 2013.

The results of this new study should serve to identify strategies that contribute to boost and improve the visibility of companies and the internationalization of the sector, to facilitate access to the main lines of support and financing, as well as to agree on actions to stimulate all the agents, public and private.

Abel de Benito as president of the ADP has actively participated in the creation of the study together with all professional associations and colleges in Catalonia.

The complete study can now be consulted in Spanish MAPEO_SECTOR_ DISENO_2015_BCD
Is also available in Catalan, MAPPING_SECTOR_DISSENY_2015_BCD (PDF files)

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