3ENAD – III Design Associations National Meeting

3ENAD – III Design Associations National Meeting

One more time, from READ (Red Española de Asociaciones de Diseño) invited us to attend the Third National Meeting of Associations of Design, an opportunity to share efforts with other associations, concerns, hopes and dreams.

It was held in Málaga on 11 and 12 June, attended by hundreds of participants from around the country in addition to hosting three experts of Design for Europe.

Six projects were defined to develop in groups, during the first day:

  1. Bases for design of public policies in Spain.
  2. First meeting of schools and design professionals associations.
  3. Creation of the documentary archive Memories of Spanish design.
  4. Workshop design_company. Experience Project READ-Telefónica I + D.
  5. Meeting-discussion: New models of organization and association of designers.
  6. From Spain with Design.

And on the second day the results were presented to all participants.

More information: http://designread.es/3enad

Mariano Lesser (treasurer) and Abel de Benito (chairman), attended the meeting on behalf of ADP – Professional Designers’ Association.

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