Creativity is a key piece to business success

Creativity is a key piece to business success

A study commissioned by Adobe to Forrester Consulting, “The Creative Dividend”, reveals that: Companies that give importance to creativity outperform their competitors; in revenue, market share and competitive leadership.
The aim of the study is to quantify creativity, a key intangible aspect in business.

“For years, business leaders have focused on things like employee productivity, process efficiency and workforce planning as the key success drivers for their companies. But over the past few years, the mindset has shifted. Leading companies recognize the importance of another key success driver – the need to infuse creativity into all aspects of business– from strategy and culture, to innovation and customer engagement.” says David Wadhwani, vice president of digital media at Adobe.

Among others, the study says that 58% of the income of the surveyed creative companies have a strong growth (+ 10% yoy), compared to only 20% of the least creative businesses. And that creative companies are 50% more likely to hold a leadership position over its competitors. The study concludes that creativity is essential for business success present and future. Put simply: Creativity is good business and ultimately drives productivity and efficiency.

The study is based on surveys of more than 300 executives from large global enterprises from various sectors that influence creative software purchases from Germany, Australia, Korea, USA, France, Japan, New Zealand, and the UK.



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