Outlet Castelldefels

Outlet Castelldefels Identity

Outlet Castelldefels, store with the best fashion brands.


Originally part of a franchise Outlet stores, so the corporate identity should continue but with its own character colors.

We had to create a robust and powerful identity and a series of campaigns to present and promote the store in the area of Castelldefels.


We created a logo, that through the typographical unions, formed a unique way to convey emphatically.
The color gradient merged with the reference to the franchise.

The application identity is developed based semitransparent stripes with corporate colors.

Communication campaigns use simple compositions with direct and concise messages.

OUTLET CASTELLDEFELS video presentation:

OUTLET CASTELLDEFELS video presentation

Corporate Identity + Comunication


  Pedro Ramirez, Co-director of OUTLET Castelldefels, said about abeldb: