RelaxActiva Identity

RelaxActiva Identity

RelaxActiva improves the performance of employees and the health of companies through relaxation and activation techniques.


To develop a solid identity that presents a company with an innovative concept that promotes the balance and well-being of employees, for the benefit of businesses. To think of a versatile application system that helps broaden the range of items of the identity by reducing costs.


Identity based on a system of stickers that allow it to customize different elements in an array of colors from pale lilac to purple brown. Color serves as a vehicle for differentiation and cohesion of the identity, highlighting the white space in which the logotype and contact info are placed.

The logotype combines the concept of balance from yin and yang, together with the curve of a growing business results graph. The degraded color highlights the smooth transition between he states of relaxation and activation that employees realize through the sessions offered by RelaxActiva.

Corporate Identity + Comunication

Project developed in 2creativo


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