New signage for Nordicthink

New signage for Nordicthink

Nordicthink is more than a store, it’s a selection of furniture, lighting and accessories of contemporary nordic design.


Apply the identity with more character in nordicthink store.
It was necessary to renew applications in the window, add a plaque with the schedule and show online presence more dramatically.


The illuminated sign of the entrance was kept very well but it was necessary to renew the vinyls on the windows, so we went a little further.

We apply one version of the logo under the large illuminated sign, renew vinyls and add a number of elements to give the brand’s presence in the store: Corporeal large logo, ceiling hung signs announcing the online store, which refer to a label.

Local Signs and Labeling


  Jordi Martin, driving of NORDICTHINK, said about abeldb: