Videoclip credits ‘Fil de Llum’

Videoclip credits ‘Fil de Llum’
Andreu Rife is the author and singer of the theme of the second season of the series Red Bracelets, “Fil de Llum”


The director of the video, Marc Juan contacted us on the eve to collaborate on the project. In just five days we had to solve the credit for video clip, there was no time to work the animatic and they have minute and a half length, we had to be effective.
Credits are those letters that appear at the end of the play that just read an interested … but we had a good musical background and images that accompanied him.


Although we had a lot of text, the length of almost one and half minutes, we allowed us to work with the tempo marking by the melody.
No animatic, just through different planes, we work with text brackets between fades on very colorful backgrounds.

The images filled with confetti and the melody suggested we give dynamism, but could not animate him, the solution was to use slanted text boxes that broke the monotony, following the inclination serif typeface (which should be close to that used on the cover disk containing the hit).
The top line of the headlines is a visual guide to accompany forms slanted text boxes, while unifying the different screens, where we found 2 quotes from up to over 40.

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  Marc Juan, TV Director, said about abeldb: