Tablecloth ‘Land and Sea’ for Escribà

Tablecloth ‘Land and Sea’ for Escribà

Xiringuito Escribà offers a menu of Catalan and Mediterranean cuisine in which the paellas are the protagonists.


Creating an original pattern jacquard tablecloth with proposing the extraordinary creativity and sense of humor who enjoy in Xiringuito Escribà.


‘Land and Sea’ tablecloth portrays the universe proposed by Xiringuito Escribà where aerial views of fields related to your kitchen with ingredients are combined and divided by simulating their paellas flavors.

In addition, a pun on popular sayings, where the key concepts of each saying ingredients are changed by creating comic and provocative stories are showned.
Some examples: “A lack of octopus, cuttlefish are good”, “When a chirla closes, another opens”, “A closed mouth do not enter squid”, etc.

‘Land and Sea’ tablecloth is printed in jacquard fabric, and the visual richness searched using the full size of the pattern.

Currently this fabric is no longer used for clothtable, but as case cushions.

Graph to fabric

Project developed in 2creativo