Emana magazine

Emana magazine

Emana is informative magazine of Manatial de Salud, herbalists specialized in medicinal plants and natural products.


Design and layout of the quarterly journal Emana, free magazine to spread the secrets of nature and health.


The proposal to give the publication of a name to give intrinsic value was a necessary solution to not confuse it with the brand itself, Manantial de Salud, but should be related; Solution: Emana.

In the present publication the articles on traditional natural remedies in a clean and orderly manner.
We promote values ​​through each quarterly issue, dedicating the season, from the cover image, the special number color and interior items. Develop some of the ads too.

We also make the layout of the first 4 issues, the design remained three years (15 issues).

Editorial design and layout

Project developed in 2creativo